How to Export Data from the Google My Business Dashboard Insights Report

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One of the biggest challenges agencies face working with small businesses is reporting. Up until now, there didn't appear to be any way for us to export our data out of Google My Business. It's not a new feature added to the Insights section. In fact, it's as easy as copy and paste.

As we all know, Insights reports on Views, Clicks, Driving Direction Requests and Phone Calls. In order to show how valuable your work is to your client, you'll want to report on these numbers and at least show that their exposure is growing. It's also important to understand the definitions and caveats behind these metrics. For instance, Views are not reported in accurate and precise figures - they are approximates. Make sure you read and understand these metrics before you begin reporting and sharing these numbers with your clients.

How to export this data

1. The first thing you want to do, if you're going through this exercise for the first time, is to set your time range to Last 90 Days for each metric.

google my business insights dashboard views2. Next, highlight the entire page by hitting CTRL + A.

3. Next, copy all the information you just highlighted by hitting CTRL + C.

4. Open up a blank Excel sheet and Paste Special > Text or Values Only.

5. Scroll down. Now you have 90 days worth of data!

From here, you'll be able to keep an archive of your client's data and create your own reporting graphs. Awesome or what?

Organizing the data

For this specific example, I'll show you how you can quickly group your Views data by months.

1. First, you'll want to label each data point with the name of the month. The formula is straight forward =TEXT([cell],"mmm"). See column C.
excel views data2. Next, we're going to add up all the Views data by month. For that, we're going to use a SUMIF formula =SUMIF([values in column C],[value in column E],[values in column B]).

Note: In this example, I only have two full months of data: October and November. I would leave out September and December, unless you want to show data trends by week. In that case, you'll need to manually label date ranges in cell by week.

I've attached an example here for you to download. Please note that I changed up the layout just a bit.


End result: We noticed both Views and Clicks have declined over the months -- i.e., not a pretty report to submit to a client. But, realizing that there's a decline highlights the fact that either (1) it was due to ranking drops or (2) seasonality. Now, let's go in and improve those numbers.

Closing thoughts

I believe Views and Clicks (and CTR) on your Google Listing are important metrics to make note of. Many of the conversion points, like walk-ins and phone calls don't get logged anywhere. Therefore, there is no way to report them to your clients. Insights gives us at least a bit of an edge on seeing how often our listing shows up and whether potential customers are clicking on our page.

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38 Responses to “How to Export Data from the Google My Business Dashboard Insights Report”

  1. Great tip – thanks Jackson

  2. I thought I’d let you guys know that this didn’t work at all for me using Internet Explorer but works fine in Chrome.

  3. Hey guys,

    I was wondering if there is any way to get this information on a larger scale. I have 500+ locations that I would like Insights on. Does anyone know of an API or Macro that would help me pull this information?

  4. Thank you! I’ve been looking for a way to enter in data manually while hosting a reviewable graph clients can review with totals. This is a step in the right direction for that solution. However, do you all have an easy way to parse out the “profile views” from “photo views” etc instead of just showing “All Views”? They paste into my sheet in single string and I don’t want to “space” separate because that’d be too fragmented. Asking a lot but any help would be appreciated! Thanks!

    • Hi John – yes. That data is in the source code.

      So, what you’ll need to do is expose each line so you can see what the first few # views are. By doing that, run a search in your source code to find that pattern. It should all be laid out for you.

      Hope that helps.

  5. Is there any update on this? It would be interesting to export data for more than one business entry. Imagine you do not have just one store – an automated solution could save us a lot of time here.

  6. This has been useful, thank you! One question though: I don’t completely understand the difference between these insights and the metrics you find in Google Analytics. The traffic this Insights are measuring, are from the same sources than Analytics? Why do they give totally different numbers? If they are not the same metrics, are these My Business Insights included into some category of the Google Analytics ones? How do I identify them? This is a pretty urgent question so if anybody can help me with it I’ll appreciate it. Thank you!

    • @Patricia
      They are mostly different data that is not reported in Analytics. The only common number is clicks to the website. Other than that views, click to calls, driving directions etc are not reported in analytics

    • Hi Patrica ,

      Can you please share the solution to download multi location data from google my business.


  7. Hi Giovanni,

    I would love the info..

    Thank you!

  8. How do I get monthly stats from insight emailed to me?

  9. Any update on how to get the reports from Google My Business

  10. Can we get an annual insight report for Google My Business? Right now we have at most one-quarter report.

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