What Would You Name the Local Carousel Replacement?

Screen Shot 2014-12-02 at 2.24.56 PMEarlier this month Google replaced the Local Carousel with a new type of search result. Since that time we have bandied about several names to describe it. Which name do you prefer?

12 Responses to “What Would You Name the Local Carousel Replacement?”

  1. I think we should call it the Ramsey Stack. It has a certain ring to it. 😉 Ok, fine I voted from the names above.

    Mike Ramsey
  2. If only Google showed white shoes instead of the hamburger!

  3. Ramsey Stack it is!

    Hey Mike, how about “local box” or “something box” instead of pack/stack?

  4. Stack/Pack has a nice ring to it Max.

  5. How about the Local MAX Stack Mr. Minzer? 🙂

  6. Local Snack Pack

  7. Whatever it ends up being called, we’ll need to add “currently referred to as…” or “temporarily known as…” or “for the time being referred to as…”because the name will inevitably need to change as Google changes the way it presents the local results 😉

  8. I was actually thinking Local Box too!!

  9. I love Snack Pack!

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