How Can We Get Local U to Come to Our City?

localu-austinWe frequently get the question: How can we get Local U to come to our city? There are two common ways to make this happen.

1) A broad partnership with local chambers of commerce, business support groups like the SBDC & SCORE and local marketers.

In this scenario, we are usually contacted by an enthusiastic supporter in the market. With their help, we reach out to the local business development groups to assemble commitments for marketing support and for their help in locating an appropriate venue.

There are three elements critical to our success using this model:

  • The business development groups must be willing to reach out to their membership multiple times in the two months leading up to the event
  • The venue should be reasonably priced or available by trade
  • "The Celia"
  • A guarantee against the gate.

"What is The Celia," you ask? That is the local person that enthusiastically and persistently promotes the event to the public, the business development groups, the local colleges, and the press. Why do we call this person "The Celia?" Because in Austin there is a SCORE volunteer by the name of Celia Bell that has, two years running, played that role with such enthusiasm and energy that both events were incredibly successful. We have named this position after her to recognize her incredible efforts. Being The Celia is a demanding-but-rewarding job.

When we present using the broad partnership model, we assume all logistics, transportation, and housing costs. We provide assistance on marketing.  The first batch of income (the guarnatee against the gate receipts) from this model is retained by us. After that we can arrange a split to go to the sponsoring group.

2) The Flat-fee Model

This scenario works well when you already have a built-in audience or a strong marketing organization that can attract attendees. In the past we have done these with national brands that wanted us to train their sales staff at an annual sales meeting, and with local newspaper groups that were expanding their marketing services and wanted to be perceived as being on the leading edge of local marketing.

In the flat-fee model, we assume the costs of content development, transportation and housing. The sponsoring group covers the venue and marketing expenses and retains any income directly generated by the event. The pricing of this model depends on whether we use our standard curriculum or develop custom, industry-specific content.

Interested in either of these options? Let us know via our Contact page. We're currently in the process of finalizing our schedule for the remainder of 2018 but have a bit of flexibility in the fall, we're thinking ahead to 2019, so reach out ASAP!

7 Responses to “How Can We Get Local U to Come to Our City?”

  1. I’ll work on being a Celia of sorts. I’m not there yet. This was very insightful on how to get you guys out to my neck of the Woods. I was at the Burley Local U and I think and Idaho Falls, ID would do even better. We are lucky to have Mike so close we get to see him a few times a year.

  2. C’mon to Houston! Ton of businesses here that would attend!

    SEOMOZINATOR – Charles Mazzini

    • Charles, we need to talk. I’ve been working to bring Local U to Houston & Fort Bend County, and I’d like to cooperate with you to make that happen. Call me at 713-234-6346 and I can describe what’s been done and who’s been contacted so far.

  3. I would be happy to be the Celia in San Diego and am part of an organization that could make it happen. Great idea here guys!

  4. It doesn’t appear that you’ve been to the Bay Area (NorCal) recently. Any plans at this point to bring an event here?

    • Hi Laura
      We were in Campbell this past spring does that count? We are discussing coming back to Campbell again.

  5. Come to the North Bay! Seconded!

    Campbell is close enough, that will do.

    Let me know what I can do to promote this – I have contacts with the SBDC and the Chamber of Commerce in the Napa area.


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