Advanced Local SEO Training | 180+ Page Manual Full of Tips & Tricks

The Expert’s Guide to Local SEO

Who is this Manual For?

This guide is written for anyone that wants to take an advanced look at Local SEO & Google My Business. Reading it will help you gain troubleshooting skills and tricks to improve the way you approach Local SEO for yourself or your clients.

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This guide assumes that you already have a basic understanding of SEO. The style of the guide is educational in nature and uses lots of screenshots and step-by-step instructions on how to do things. It is the perfect option for an agency who is struggling to train new employees or keep existing staff up-to-date on tactics.

If you like Joy's public guides on how to fight spam in the local results or how to deal with duplicate listings, you will love this manual.

The Expert's Guide to Local SEO

Joy Hawkins is one of the most knowledgeable local search practitioners in the industry. She understands how to research, identify, and solve GMB ranking issues like no one else. If you're struggling to rank in local search, Joy is the consultant that will get you on the right track.
Darren Shaw, Founder & President, Whitespark

Rating: 5 / 5

Why Would I want a Subscription?


After you buy the guide, we offer a low-cost option to keep a subscription so that you will continue to get updated versions of the manual. Each month, you'll get an email outlining what has changed in the guide along with your new copy. While Joy was writing this, she had to add and remove several pages over the course of a couple months because Google kept changing things.

Having a subscription will make it so the information you, or your staff, are looking at is current. Instead of surfing the internet to find the latest tactic, it will be delivered in your Inbox.

Having a monthly subscription will also be like having your own Local SEO expert on staff to advise and consult you, only you don't have to pay her salary.

Once you've purchased The Expert's Guide to Local SEO, you'll receive the option to subscribe to updates via your receipt. If you've purchased but don't receive a subscribe option, let us know and we'll get you set up right away!

The Expert's Guide to Local SEO

What's your time worth? If it's anything over $100/hour and you don't want your team "figuring it out" as they go, Joy's Local SEO guide is a no-brainer.

Dev Basu, CEO PoweredBySearch

Rating: 5 / 5

What is Included in the Manual?


Yours Today for Just $1,499


The manual is over 210 pages long and includes a wide variety of topics. Here are some of the things it addresses:

  • Google recently shut down MapMaker and the Classic Version of G+ which makes it so most of the previously known ways to find duplicate Maps listing impossible. The guide shows 3 new tactics that work to help uncover duplicate listings without the need for G+ or MapMaker.
  • How to deal with listings for practitioners who no longer work for your business.
  • What rules in the Google My Business guidelines are actually enforced and what you stand to lose by breaking them
  • How to get your edits to listings on Google Maps approved faster
  • How to deal with the different types of suspensions that happen in Google My Business.
  • Why using the address USPS suggests is a bad idea.
  • What you need to know about the 2 local algorithm updates that happened in 2016.
  • Everything you need to know about the local filter: How does it work? What do you do if you got filtered? How can you find a list of potential threats who could cause you to be filtered?
  • How to find a list of categories on a competitor's listing without MapMaker.
  • What fields are hidden from the public that exist on a listing.
  • What strategies to use to get more Yelp reviews.
  • How Yelp deals with duplicate & practitioner listings and how it varies from Google.
  • How should a small business organize their website?
  • When it is a good idea to invest in blogging, and when it's not.
  • When it's a good idea for a small business to have multiple websites.
  • Tips for optimizing YouTube videos.
  • When a NAP discrepancy is worth fixing and when you can ignore it.
  • 7 Ways to show ROI to a small business owner who is paying for Local SEO.

About Joy Hawkins

The Expert's Guide to Local SEO
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What if I have Questions?

Joy would love to hear your feedback on the manual. Also, if you have any burning questions that you want her to answer in later editions, please drop her an email at


Yours Today for just $1,499