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Google Cautions Against Local SEO Scams

Update 4/23/15: Google has updated their help file with additional information about these scams: Local SEO telephone scams claiming to be Google and targeting local businesses continue unabated. The pitch, promising to help fix your listing or rank you number one, ring into small business phone lines with the regularity of Big Ben, hour after hour, year after […]

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8 Tips to Optimize Your Local Knowledge Panel in Google Search

On branded searches in local (i.e. searches made on your company name), Google frequently offers up much of the area above the fold with information about your business. This is particularly true when Google shows the Local Knowledge Panel. It is an incredible opportunity to showcase your business. Here are 8 tips that can help […]

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My Local Knowledge Panel Doesn’t Show on Google – What can I do?

My local Knowledge Panel does not show in Google when I search on my company name. Why not and what can I do? We recently got this question in the Local U forum. We are repuplishing my answer here as we think the answer will be of general interest AND we are hoping to entice […]

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Using Schema Markup to Stand Out From the Crowd

“Mark Up Everything” ~Pierre Far, Google – at Pubcon 2014 During the Q&A in the Semantic Search session at Pubcon last week, Pierre Far uttered the words quoted above. I was there and I almost applauded. I’m not going to lie – this was seriously music to my ears. Google has been telling us that […]

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An Alternative to Google Plus ‘Custom’ URLs

Google Plus offers local businesses with a verified listing the option of adding what Google calls a custom URL for their local Plus page. My suggestion: Don’t use Google’s custom URL. If you need a memorable URL for your Plus page, create your own. One objective of online marketing is to control and increase the […]

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Is There Any SEO Benefit in Varying Your Company Description Across Listings?

Ben Bowen asked this question on Google+:  Seen this debated elsewhere: Is there any benefit to varying your company “description” across listings? Or can you just cut and paste your Yelp (or whatever) description? My answer: If there is a benefit, it would be quite small. Although there is no exact understanding of how Google […]

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