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Google Plus: Work Around for ‘No entry’ Symbol Image Bug

The “No Entry” bug is an ugly image artifact that shows an obtuse Google symbol in place of your profile photo in the main search results when you delete your profile photo. The problem was first reported in the Places forum in early July and the post has attracted 10 pages of comments and a […]

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Categories Count in Google Places

Google has over a decade of searcher data that tells it which types of queries are related to which types of products and services. Therefore, the categories in which you place your company in its Google Places listing are critical to being found for the types of terms people typically use when searching for your […]

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A Guide to Google Local Listing Page Identification

Google is in the midst of a massive migration of claimed business listings from the old Places Dashboard to the new Places for Business Dashboard. Simultaneously, they are apparently also in the midst of merging the new Places for Business Dashboard interface and functionality with the Google+ Page management interface … confusing on both a […]

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Is There Any SEO Benefit in Varying Your Company Description Across Listings?

Ben Bowen asked this question on Google+:  Seen this debated elsewhere: Is there any benefit to varying your company “description” across listings? Or can you just cut and paste your Yelp (or whatever) description? My answer: If there is a benefit, it would be quite small. Although there is no exact understanding of how Google […]

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Where Should a New Business Create a Listing: Google+ Page or Google Places for Business Dashboard?

Andrew Forster of of Adster Creative recently asked this great question: If you’re starting out with a brand new business, should you ‘create’ a listing in places.google.com or start in the Google+ platform? In the end, it doesn’t really matter which path you choose as the data goes to the same place (the canonical Knowledge […]

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The Real Truth About SEO & Call Tracking

The call tracking debate goes on and on and on and on. Why? Because, when done incorrectly, it severely cripples a business’ ability to rank well in the Google local search results. While experienced local marketers can tell which types of call tracking are harmful and which are not, the average small business owner — and many marketers […]

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