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How Should You Market Your Google + Page? You Shouldn’t. You Should Market Your Business

Last year, I wrote a post pooh poohing the idea of link building to an SMB Google+ Page for local as an ill-conceived use of limited resources in most situations. Recently Anikait Chavan commented on that post which motivated me to revisit the idea of exactly how your Google+ Page for Local should fit into […]

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Google+ Pages for Local: An SMB Survival Guide

In the forced march to social, Google has created a number of taxing issues and problems for both small businesses and searchers. One of the most egregious that deserves attention is Google’s insistence on sending searchers to a business’s empty Post page from a local search. Let me explain. In August, Google started to automatically […]

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How Do I Merge My Google + Pages? Usually You Can’t, Now What?

UPDATE June 3, 2014: Google has announced a feature that now allows a Brand Page to Become Google+ Local Page. Please read this newer article before reading the following. The question of how to handle the existence of two (or more) G+ Pages for a given local business has become a frequent one. Over the past […]

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How To Move Your Business (Without Destroying Your Local Search Visibility)

These days, anyone who’s going to move their business to another location needs to consider the best way to handle that move online and plan their steps carefully. You’ll want to get started with your online preparation a couple of months before you actually pack up your shop and re-open it at the new address. […]

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Why Do Some Google Local Search Results Show G+ Links And Not Others?

John Cavers sent along this question, which I have seen people asking a lot recently: I see some of the listings below have a link to the “Google+ page” and others do not. How is this link made on these listings? Prior to the rollout of the review box pop-up in the main local search […]

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Google Places: Review Widget Rolling Out Worldwide

Today’s worldwide rollout of the Google Places for Business Dashboard Review widget is one of the most significant upgrades to the business center ever. The widget provides a business owner the ability to see and respond to Google reviews, as well as to monitor almost all of their reviews from around the web. It offers […]

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