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Video: Local Search Ranking Factor Survey Interview with David Mihm & Darren Shaw

The baton has been passed. A new era begins as Darren Shaw of Whitespark takes over the 2017 Local Search Ranking Factor Study from David Mihm. The details will be announced at Day One of the Local U Advanced/MozCon Local two-day event in Seattle. In anticipation of Darren’s keynote, we interviewed him and David about […]

Video: Local U Advanced Speaker Series: Interview with Mary Bowling & Mike Blumenthal on their New Orleans Presentations

LocalU Advanced is almost upon us. In this video, Mary Bowling and I share some of the highlights of our presentation at the event. If you listen long enough AND are late decision maker, there is a bonus at the end if you would like to come. Last chance, listen to some of the interesting […]

Video Deep Dive: Google Posts, A New Paradigm for Fresh Local Content or Another Failed Social Experiment?

Normally our Deep Dive is published several weeks after it is recorded. Because of the timeliness of the content we decided to publish this particular video sooner. Join Mary Bowling and Mike Blumenthal as they look at Google’s newest beta effort to attack the small business market with their yet to be named product that […]