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November Updates to The Expert’s Guide to Local SEO

What’s New? This month Joy gives us the details on the pitfalls of soliciting reviews, as well as more information on Local Services Ads (formerly Home Service Ads). Here are this month’s updates: Businesses using a particular review soliciting service had tons of Google reviews removed from July-October 2017. I dug into what might have […]

Local & Hyper-Local

Targeting Hyper Local Customers with Paid Advertising

In my years as a marketer for small businesses, I’ve found that most eliminate paid advertising as a legitimate channel – both because of cost and targeting.  There’s a misconception among non-marketers who are trying to run businesses that PPC or CPC advertising is too broad reaching for a mom & pop establishment with one […]

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August Updates for the Expert’s Guide to Local SEO

Joy Hawkin’s Expert Guide to Local SEO continues to evolve with relevant, timely updates every month. The guide is now 200+ pages of information you need if you manage local search as a small business owner, marketing agency, or in-house SEO, either for SMB or Enterprise-level businesses. Here are the updates posted this month: Completely redid […]